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Our company currently holds certifications in Confidence Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. 

ED presented various topics about what's important to you and how to stay on your own path to achieving your long and short-term goals. Kept everyone involved and engage with the Information given. We really appreciated the information and the opportunity. We will definitely be using ED again in the near future!

- Details Count Professional Detailing

Companies and teams are loving our Motivational Impact Sessions! No matter if you are looking to motivate a team of 5 or a team of 500, our session is guaranteed to be impactful to your team. 


We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful stories and experiences paired with high energy and high levels of crowd engagement. We look to leave a lasting impact on those in our session! 


Our goal is by the end of our session your team will have a clear understanding on what it means to be committed to greatness. Our goal is by the end of our session your team will have many points of reflection that allows them to become more impactful personally and professionally.

Have you been feeling stuck in the same spot in life? Have you been feeling that there is a better version of yourself locked away and you just can't seem to locate the keys to that greatness? Our life and mindset coaching will allow you to unlock your superpowers within and project your greatness! 

Our 8 week virtual coaching program allows flexibility on scheduling. Our sessions are highly impactful and insightful. The topics we will cover are listed below.   


  • Self Discovery

  • Powers Within

  • Mindset Shifts

  • Confidence Discovery

  • Identifying Your Level of Control

  • Reflection and Direction


As a motivational speaker, I provide impactful messages with thought provoking storylines and engaging reflective moments. I look to motivate, inspire and reshape a person's thinking, through words! Our most requested speaking topics are listed below. 

  • Embracing Why Based Living

  • The Power of Impactful Communication

  • Overcoming Fear and Unlocking The Champion Within

  • The Power of Team Unity

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