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Client Reviews!

"Every event I’ve attended has been inspiring and motivating! The team here is amazing! And I am certain you will leave ready to do the work to better yourself in all aspects of your life." - Victoria

"I have attended several of Edward’s events and participate in his life coaching program. Edward is passionate about his mission to help others see their potential, he is knowledgeable, reliable, and professional." - Giselle

"Ed Speaks Global what can I say about this event. It was an amazing experience and being poured into was so necessary. Ed is a wonderland mentor and life coach and I plan on attending more of his events in the future. Thank you" - Josh 

"Ed Speaks was full of positive, great energy! His words were very eloquent, carefully chosen and passionate. He made a point to connect with the audience and be relatable and real." - Desiree

"Ed Speaks is a powerhouse of encouragement!! His first seminar ignited a fire in me to push myself to see my fullest potential, and his content on social media is a daily inspirational reminder to truly put in the work. If you need help believing in yourself and a reminder to keep going when things get tough, Edward Chappell is the guy to go to!" - Butterfly Effect Music Group

"Ed presented various topics about what's important to you and how to stay on your own path to achieving your long and short-term goals. Kepted everyone involved and engage with the Information given. We really appreciated the information and the opportunity. We will definitely be using Ed again in the near future!"- Details Count Professional Detailing

"I'm leaving my fulltime employer in a few weeks to work in my dream career. It's not easy leaving a secured job of 22+ years. My twin sis, Rhonda, did it more than 4 yrs ago and thriving. Ed's Ultimate Confidence Conference reassured my decision and provided me the tools to maintain the level of confidence needed in making that decision." - Sharee

"Outstanding and dynamic presentation! Anticipating another amazing event in the near future!" - Ciara 

"I attended a seminar and left extremely enlightened, inspired and motivated to take action towards my goals. I believe Ed’s gift is to stir up the fire you within you & it leads you towards putting the right energy behind your goals in life. If you want to see more results and solutions for yourself and/or your team please book with Ed Speaks Global!" - Mozell

"Engaging, Knowledgeable and Strategic" - Shamone 

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