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Awaken The Champion Within!


"Fear Will Always Limit Maximum Potential."

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“ED Speaks was full of positive great energy! His words were very eloquent, carefully chosen and passionate. He made a point to connect with the audience and be relatable and real."
"I attended a seminar and left extremely enlightened, inspired and motivated to take action towards my goals. I believe Ed’s gift is to stir up the fire you within you & it leads you towards putting the right energy behind your goals in life. If you want to see more results and solutions for yourself and/or your team please book with Ed Speaks Global!"
“ED Speaks is a powerhouse of encouragement!! His seminar ignited the fire in me to see my fullest potential and his content on social media is a daily inspirational reminder to truly put in the work. If you need help believing in yourself and a reminder to keep going when things get tough, Edward Chappell is the guy to go to!”

Our Clients and Partners



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Family, Excellence, Growth, Collaboration, Strength, Dedication, Ownership, Trust, and Leadership are words that I live by on a daily basis.


As a husband and leader of my family and peers, I see it as fit to pass along the tools that I've been so fortunate to implement into my daily life and routine. These laws of success have helped me and others achieve many things and move through life in a more progressive manner.


I've led people to better points in their lives through servant leadership and engaged listening to identify gaps in performance. Together we can take control of your life by implementing action plans and developing your growth mindset.


ED Speaks Global 

Speaking Topics 

  • Embracing Why Based Living

  • The Power of Impactful Communication

  • Overcoming Fear and Unlocking The Champion Within

  • The Power of Team Unity 

"The Global Experience"

I have been fortunate to provide impactful motivational sessions for diverse audiences, including corporate teams, sales teams, and conferences. With a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face in their personal and professional lives, I tailor my speeches to create an engaging and immersive experience that leaves audiences inspired and equipped with actionable strategies for success.

What To Expect 

1. Inspiring Narrative: I weave personal anecdotes and captivating stories of triumph over adversity, igniting a sense of hope, resilience, and self-belief among attendees.

2. Practical Tools: I provide practical techniques, strategies, and frameworks tailored to the audience's needs, empowering them to overcome obstacles, set and achieve goals, and unlock their full potential.

3. Interactive Approach: My dynamic and interactive style fosters audience engagement through thought-provoking group connection points and active participation. 

4. Key Takeaways: Attendees leave my session with tangible takeaway messages, actionable steps, and a renewed motivation to drive positive change in their personal and professional endeavors.

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