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Have you ever asked yourself any of the following:


Am I living at my maximum potential?


Do I feel stuck in the same place in life?

Do I ever wonder how the other 10% live, the people with unbreakable confidence and motion in life?

If someone asked me today, what am I uniquely gifted at, what would I say?

Have I considered what a life WELL lived would look like for me?

The Coach's Den

If any of the above questions resonate with you, I would like to wecome you to The Coach's DEN! A premium group coaching experience. 

Why Group Coaching?

  • Cost-Effective: Group coaching can be more cost-effective than individual coaching. Participants can access the coach’s expertise and a supportive network without the high costs often associated with one-on-one coaching.

  • Accountability: Being part of a group creates a sense of accountability. Group members often feel more motivated to take action and achieve their goals.

  • Shared Wisdom: Group coaching allows participants to learn from the coach and their peers. Everyone brings unique experiences and perspectives, creating a rich pool of shared wisdom.

  • Diverse Perspectives: In a group coaching session, participants can explore challenges and opportunities from different perspectives. This diversity can lead to innovative solutions and decision-making.

  • Increased Confidence: The supportive environment of group coaching can boost confidence. As members learn from each other, they gain confidence in their abilities and the potential to achieve their goals.

  • Peer Support: Group coaching fosters a community of support. Participants motivate and encourage each other during challenging times. Additionally, they celebrate successes together.

  • Enhanced Learning: With shared experiences and challenges, participants can learn faster and apply others’ experiences to their situations. This leads to faster progress toward their goals.

What's Included With Our Program?

Why Enter The Den?

Empowerment, Growth, Transformation, Clarity, Fulfillment, Collaboration and Synergy


Great experience! It really broke things down for me. Highly recommend this program.

Engaging, knowledgeable, and strategic.

ED Speaks Global is astonishing! I attended a seminar and was very pleased! ED's energy and motivation was superb! Very uplifting. I highly recommend!

Cohart A - 2024 Start & Ending Date
August 8th - November 21st 

Cohart B - 2024 Start & Ending Date 
August 13th - November 26th

Many topics and dicussions will be included in our time together, here are a few.

  • Building Healthy Habits 

  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

  • Understanding Locus Of Control

  • Building Healthy Boundaries

  • Building Confidence 

  • Building A Well Designed Future

  • Goal Attainment 

  • Personal Growth & Reflection 

  • Finding Your Value  

Virtural seating will be limited in each cohart. Each cohart will have 2 monthly meetings and a weekly collective community power call. Each member will also have lifetime access to The Coach's Den online community. If you are interested in reserving your place in our community, please feel free to book your informational call today using the "Learn More" link below. 


If you ready to take the next step in your personal growth journey? Join our transformative group coaching sessions and become part of a community that is committed to growth and success. Take the first step towards achieving your goals. Sign up today and discover the power of group coaching! I can't wait to meet you in the Den!

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